Trenchsafe trench covers for utility & groundworks.

Trenchsafe trench covers are ideal for utility or groundwork’s maintainence. Made from glass reinforced SMC they provide effective protection as a temporary safety cover for open or damaged manhole covers, vehicle or pedestrian support for crossing open roadwork trenches or temporary protection to a damaged or pot holed road surface.

Made from a single piece of material Trenchsafe covers use the most modern of manufacturing techniques to provide the ultimate strength and product life. Trenchsafe is easy to clean with a non-slip leading edge and comes with a unique chevron traction pattern providing the ultimate grip even in the most adverse of weather conditions.

Key Benefits and Features

  • No scrap value – eliminates theft risk
  • Lighter than steel trench covers
  • Pre pressed bolt locations for locking TrenchSafe into position
  • Easy to install – maximum 2 man lift
  • DETR safety compliant
  • Available in 2 different sizes
  • Easy to clean
  • No Maintenance

Industry Sector

  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering

Ideal Applications

  • Protection of cabling and pipes
  • Pedestrian traffic over open trenches
  • Safe passage over site excavations
  • Protection of freshly poured tarmac or concrete
  • Cover damaged or sunken manhole covers

Technical Specs

Trenchsafe 12/8
Size - 1200mm x 800mm x 33mm thick
Weight –13kg
Can withstand point load weight of 500kg over a 700mm span
Ships with 30 covers per pallet

Trenchsafe 16/12
Size - 1600mm x 1200mm x 30mm thick
Weight – 29kg
Capable of withstanding a point load weight of 500kg over a 900mm span
Ships with 30 covers per pallet

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