• Emtek - Engineered Hardwood Access Systems

  • Aquadeck - Modular Floating Pontoon and Access Platform

  • IsoTrack H-Mat - Heavy Duty Ground Protection & Access Roadway


  • IsoTrack L-Mat - Medium Duty Ground Protection & Access Mat

ATS - Ground Protection Mats for Hire and Sale

Ground Protection Mats for all scenarios: Access Terrain Services is the world’s leading independent supplier of Ground Protection Mats and Temporary Roadway matting. Our extensive range of ground protection solutions are available worldwide for hire or sale. With quality, best in industry solutions in plastic, aluminium and wooden matting products we can truly provide ground access in all areas.

Our Products are extensively used in many industries, including:
Events | Construction | Utilities | Landscaping | Heritage Sites | Oil | Drilling |Transmission | Gas | Solar | Wind | Stadium | Bridge Inspection

Using our Ground Protection Solutions we can provide:
Temporary Roadways | Pedestrian Walkways | Site Compounds | Grass Reinforcement | Temporary Car Parks | Wheelchair Access | Workings Pads on Water | floating platforms

With our 25 years of experience within the Ground Protection Industry we can advise on the ideal solution for your need whether that be heavy duty access for a 1000 tonne crane across a marsh or Pedestrian Access across cobble stones, we have the solution for you.

Please contact our team, who will provide advice on the best ground protection solution for you.

Why choose us?


international specialists

Our customer base is truly global, we’ve supplied temporary access products to every continent on the planet apart from Antarctica. We understand the difference in ground conditions the world over, whether it’s the swamps of Louisiana to the deserts of the UAE.


we know our business

We travel the globe working with our clients to provide them temporary access products in some of the remotest locations. We know what matting product works where, whether it will stand up to the conditions and how to get it there.



We have developed a loyal, long term client base over the last 10 years that rely on us to get them where they need to go. Working with them closely has not only earned us great knowledge of their industry sectors but also their trust in our judgement on what product we advise them to use.


professionaladvice & support

Our business isn’t just about supplying ground protection & access products, we listen to our customers’ needs and give sound impartial advice based on what we have learned over the years, helping them to accomplish their project goals.

4 reasons you should trust us?

Ground Protection Mats for Hire and Sale

Owners & Management as Contact Partners – we believe in the value of forming & maintaining mutually beneficial partnerships with our customers from the top down. No matter the size of the client or order every customer is important to us.

Added Value through our product portfolio – at Access Terrain Services we have the most diverse range of sustainable temporary access solutions available worldwide.Whether you’re looking to rent or purchase leave it to us to recommend the correct matting and access solution for your project.

Global Presence, Local Service - Wherever you are, you can be sure that ATS will be there to provide the responsive service and support you need, from sales to after sales through to technical support, once you become a customer you become a friend.

People Say Good Things about Us - People who buy our products love us too. We get a lot of rewarding feedback in the form of emails, phone calls and even the odd letter. One customer even sent us chocolates as a thank you for the great level of service we provided to them.


  • “The Festival was a complete success!!. The IsoTrack L-Mat you supplied were in constant use throughout the weekend and widely respected by all Contractors, Directors and Management of the Festival. We will be looking to get more from you for next year”. – International Music Festival

  • We’re grateful you were able to visit us and not only show us a sample of the product but advise us on the best ways to use it, it removed any health and safety fears the board had and I’m pleased to say I’ve been given the green light to go ahead and order the mats” – Construction Project

  • “Thanks for all your patience and dedication over the last 18 months, The Emtek panel is game-changing. Your response and attention to detail has delivered a great product ideal for our business model.” – Access Matting Company

  • “The mats arrived yesterday like you said they would andare already at work, we are grateful for such a high level of service from your staff given that we dropped our order on you at the last moment. Thanks for getting everything here when we needed it” – Holiday Park

  • “The IsoTrack H-Mat performed way beyond our expectations, we couldn’t believe how robust it was for such a little mat! Thanks for convincing us it was the way to go” – Transmission line works


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