Aluminium Trackway

Heavy duty temporary access mats
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Product Specifications:

Aluminium Trackway provides safe temporary access, site compounds and ground protection. Easy installation with chains and lifting hooks, clamps or forks. We offer different thicknesses and dimensions to suit your requirements. The 25mm thick specification panel can be easily installed by 6 people without mechanical assistance.

Due to our unique design the Aluminium Trackway is capable of supporting loads of up to *150 tonnes, setting a performance benchmark in its extreme lightweight and incredible durability when providing temporary roadways and working pads.

  • Length:3000/3000/3050/3000mm
  • Width:2000/2000/2500/2440mm
  • Height:25/43/43/48mm
  • Weight: 130/175/400/300kg
  • Colour: Silver
  • Material: Aluminium/Wood
  • Suitable for:vehicles

Looking for ground protection mats for hire and sale?

Please contact our team, who will provide advice on the best ground protection solution for you.