Ancillary items

companion items for all your matting needs
Stillage Standard Finish


Matting stillages offer safe and easy storage and transportation of L-Mat, Euromat, Trakmat, and E-mat. Made from high-grade steel and double fillet welded for extra strength and durability.

Bolts and Washers

Bolts and Washers

M10 x 20 Full Thread Hexagon Bolts and M10 x 40 Penny Washers to be used in connecting IsoTrack L-Mat, E-Mat products, Trakmat and Euromat products.


Strap Connector

Metal strap connector for H-Mat, Tufftrak mats. Allows for mat contour on undulating ground. Fixed connection hole and elongated connection hole to allow for adjustment and expansion.



Two and Four-way Urethane connector, bolts, and washers for connection of all ground protection and temporary access mats 2.4m x 1.2m. Ideal for connecting and assembling temporary roadways


X-Mat Connectors

Specially developed for the X Mat, the patented four3 connector is the most robust connector for any mat. Heavyweight, durable with twist lock connection

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