heavy duty track mats

IsoTrack H Mat

Capable of supporting loads of up to 150 tonnes*, the IsoTrack H-Mat is the new benchmark for performance in the heavy duty track mats industry for providing temporary roadways and work areas. Used extensively within the Event, Construction, Rail, Ground Work and Civil Industries. Incredibly tough and flexable, the IsoTrack H-Mat is made from high quality 100% recycled High Density Polyethylene (HDPE), that is 100% recyclable.

The IsoTrack H-Mat will significantly reduce ground damage, providing a SAFE access surface for vehicles and pedestrian traffic, avoiding the need for expensive reinstatement once your project is complete. Weighing 295 kg, the IsoTrak H-Mat has Steel Reinforced Designated Connection Points on all 4 sides of the mat, a unique feature making placement and connection of the mat very quick and simple no matter how they are configurated.

The IsoTraction nub design was formulated in conjunction with a world leading Civil and Geodetic Engineering Facility. Utilising a leading tyre manufacture traction research we have designed the optimum Traction Surfaces for both Pedestrian and Vehicle Access in even the most challenging of conditions. Optional Hi-Vis Markings can be incorporated into the IsoTrak H-Mat providing additional safety when utilising in poor visibility conditions.

Lighter in weight than other comparable alternatives made in Wood, Aluminium and Steel. The IsoTrack H-Mat offers the environmental and commercial benefit of more square meterage being loaded per wagon, thus reducing transportation costs and reducing carbon emissions. With the use of high quality High Density Polyethylene there is a significant reduction in risk of theft against traditional alternatives available within the market.

*Dependent upon ground conditions

Key Benefits and Features

  • Fast and simple to install
  • Capable of taking loads of up to 150 tonnes*
  • Unique IsoTraction Nub Design
  • Reversible Pedestrian and Vehicle Traction Surfaces providing optimum grip
  • Anti-theft versus other alternatives
  • Low Transportation and Handling Costs
  • Minimise property, heritage and environmental damage
  • Supports Health & Safety objectives
  • Connection options for differing layouts, ground conditions and equipment
  • Chemically inert, perfect for environmentally sensitive areas

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composite heavy duty mat

IsoTrack X-Mat

The new standard in temporary roadways, the IsoTrack X-Mat is an overlapping heavy-duty plastic mat giving users a seamless temporary roadway capable of providing safe access to loads of over 200 tonnes across many different types of ground conditions. It falla under category of composite heavy duty mat.

The unique and innovative design, features a dual grip traction surface, the patented Four3 Connection System, overlapping edge and easy installation system. The dimensions of the IsoTrack X-Mat allow for easy containerisation for the global shipping of the mat, whilst the light weight of the mat compared to other alternatives ensures that more square meterage can be carried per lorry.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Ramps available as standard, allowing for ease of access onto the IsoTrack X-Mat
  • Overlap connector – providing a seamless, anti-slip, anti-trip surface
  • Weight load – Highly efficient weight dispersal across a wide range of ground conditions
  • Patented Four3 Connection System, giving a very quick and strong method of connecting the IsoTrack X-Mats
  • Cellular Core provides buoyancy in water logged areas
  • Foam filled core means that ‘if’ the outer core punctures the mat will not fill with debris, thus it won’t greatly increase in weight as per other alternatives
  • Customer logo placement option
  • Chemically inert- avoids leaching of contaminants from the mats
  • Installation tool prevents constant bending over when installing the IsoTrack X-Mat

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