best marquee flooring


The EventTrack is the ideal temporary matting system for indoor and outdoor use in providing a safe anti-trip, anti-slip surface and access route for pedestrians and light vehicle traffic.It is best marquee flooring.

The unique omni-directional traction surface provides optimum grip to both pedestrians and light vehicles, whilst the aeration points within the tile allow for air circulation beneath the EventTrack to aid in preventing grass damage saving time and money in costly remedial works.

The EventTrack comes preconnected in squares of four, measuring approximately 1190mm x 11900mm and with 4 tiles weighing only 7.49 kg no specialist installation equipment is required. Depending upon the layout required up to 360 m2 can be installed per hour by a two-person installation team.

The quick click connection system provides a very strong and level connection system with no protrusions that could cause trips and falls.

Aesthetically, the EventTrack provides a unique chequered surface, which many find pleasing to the eye and adds to the ambience of event halls, display arenas, pathways and temporary roads.

The EventTrack is designed to maximise a truck bed enabling up to 1760 m2 to be shipped on a 13.5m lorry bed, ensuring reductions in transport cost and more importantly reducing emissions into the environment.

The EventTrack is made from 100% recycled material that is 100% recyclable.

As standard the EventTrack is available in Black, other colours are available subject to minimum order.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Unique anti-slip, anti-trip surface providing safe access
  • Can be installed by hand no mechanical assistance is required
  • Quick to install, with up to 1800 square metres being installed by a two person team in 5 hours
  • Transport cost savings against other heavier alternatives
  • Small environmental footprint

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