Company Profile


Founded in 2006 with the remit of providing the temporary roadway and access market the best products, at the best price whilst giving added value through being able to impart on the customer our 25 years of experience in the temporary roadway and access market to ensure they have the right product for their application.Access Terrain Services now works with manufacturers of temporary roadway and Ground Access Products throughout the world and have played a key role in ensuring some of the Worlds largest Event and Infrastructure projects have been delivered on time and on budget.

No one type of mat is perfect for every ground protection and access scenario, as such we can supply products such as Wooden bog mats, Plastic and Aluminium Roadway Panels meaning we stay close to our core values of providing the right temporary access product regardless of whether you are needing to gain access for a 1000 tonne crane or providing a pedestrian pathway to your site offices.

We have supplied our products around the world notably in America, South America, Australasia, Europe and the United Kingdom and pride ourselves on never overpromising to our customers with high service levels being at the heart of everything that we do.