Engineered Hardwood Mat System
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Product Specifications:

Emtek hardwood mat systems are made from engineered laminated hardwood with natural defects removed. The manufacturing and quality testing of the Emtek Mats provide the product with not only superior strength to support huge plant and construction vehicles but also the confidence that they can hold that weight in extreme conditions or environmentally sensitive areas. Emtek takes design properties and uses them to build not just 1 but 3

different temporary access systems, that when combined with each other allow you to go where conventional Bog Mats wouldn’t. The mats have a hard, impact resistant surface despite being much lighter than traditional Bog Mats. The laminating process used during manufacturing creates a composite structure which resists fracture but gives both flexibility and a much longer life cycle than Bog Mats.

  • Size: Custom
  • Thickness: 89/114/140/165mm
  • Surface Area: Custom
  • Weight: Various
  • Colour: Wood
  • Material: Laminated Engineered Hardwood
  • Suitable for:vehicles

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