The AliTrack ground protection and Aluminium Trackway temporary roadway mat.
Aluminium Trackway

AliTrack ground protection and temporary roadway mat provides safe, temporary access, work areas and protection over soft ground conditions and hard surfaces. Easy installation with chains and lifting hooks or via forks. They are also known popularly as Aluminium Trackway.

We offer different thicknesses and dimensions to suit your requirements. The 25mm thick specification panel can be easily installed by 6 people without mechanical assistance required.

Due to our unique design the AliTrack panel is capable of supporting loads of up to *150 tonnes, setting a performance benchmark in its extreme lightweight and incredible durability when providing temporary roadways and work areas.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Fast and simple to install – no mechanical assistance required
  • Capable of taking loads of up to *150 tonnes
  • Our unique traction surfaces give fantastic traction properties whilst also allowing ease of cleaning
  • Due to the lightweight nature of the mat, transport and handling charges are reduced against alternatives
  • Ideal for pedestrians and vehicles
  • Supports Health and Safety Objectives

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Industry Sector

  • Stadium Flooring
  • Events
  • Golf course and sports field maintenance
  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Transmission C & M
  • Wind FArms

Ideal Applications

  • Site Compound
  • Indoor and Outdoor Event Flooring
  • Temporary Helipads
  • Main Access Routes
  • Temporary Roadways
  • Car Parks
  • Pedestrian Walkways
  • Emergency Access Routes

Technical Specs


Aluminium Alloy (6082)




3000mm x 2000mm (other sizes are available subject to minimum order)






40 linear metres per hour


Chemically inert and no liquid absorption meaning no leaching of potential contaminants and easy to clean.


Material is 100% Recyclable

Load Bearing Capacity

Up to*150 Tonnes


Standard EU Truck - 200 AliTrack (1200 sqm.)

*Load capacity is dependent upon ground conditions


No reproduction of the photographs, drawings or images is permitted without the prior written approval of Access Terrain Services Ltd. The information contained herein is based on current knowledge and does not guarantee properties or performance of the AliTrack under all conditions.

*The AliTrack is made from a material with a high compressive strength but the maximum safe vehicle weight will depend on a number of factors including the load bearing capacity of the underlying ground conditions. Advice should be sought from competent geotechnical engineers.

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