AquaDeck Pontoons

AquaDeck modular pontoons provide a versatile access system for temporary works on or around water.
Floating Pontoon

AquaDeck modular floating pontoon provide a versatile access system for temporary works on or around water. Used independently or in conjunction with temporary access mats, each Aquadeck pontoon unit is connected to the adjacent units by a simple pin connection, which once rotated and locked into place, prevents rotation or ejection of the connecting pin. The units are capable of supporting tremendous weight as tested by National University Ireland Galway, and can be installed in various individual configurations to meet the specific requirements of each individual project. AquaDeck pontoons are incredibly robust and exceed safety standards for fire, stability and compression strength .

Manufactured to exacting standards and subject to a very high QC procedure the AquaDeck Pontoon System is designed and manufactured in Europe from virgin HDPE with UV additives, giving the unique design of the AquaDeck Pontoon unit a fit and finish that is class leading, along with unbeatable stability, buoyancy and durability.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Light enough for manual handling and easy to install
  • Fast temporary platforms for events and construction/maintenance
  • Build to any shape or size to suit requirements
  • Pre construct on land & float out
  • Can be beached easily
  • Tremendous weight loading capacity
  • Avoid health and safety issues and improve working conditions on water
  • Tested to a a high level for Stability, Compression, tensile and fire strength

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Industry Sector

  • Outdoor Events
  • Construction
  • Civil Engineering
  • Marine applications
  • Transmision
  • Environmental works

Ideal Applications

  • Floating structures
  • Floating roads
  • Safe working platforms
  • Dock or harbor platforms
  • Fish farms/Aquaculture
  • Temporary Moorings

Technical Specs



AquaDeck Pontoon Dimensions

675mm long X 675mm wide X 400mm high

AquaDeck Pin Dimensions

220mm X 276mm high

AquaDeck Pontoon / Pin Weight

Approx. 11kgs / 1kg


50mm HDPE Sealing Bung


High Molecular Weight Polyethylene or High Density Polyethylene


362 kg/m²


Light Grey

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