IsoTrack X-Mat

The new standard in temporary roadways
composite heavy duty mat

The new standard in temporary roadways, the IsoTrack X-Mat is an overlapping heavy-duty plastic mat giving users a seamless temporary roadway capable of providing safe access to loads of over 200 tonnes across many different types of ground conditions. It falla under category of composite heavy duty mat.

The unique and innovative design, features a dual grip traction surface, the patented Four3 Connection System, overlapping edge and easy installation system. The dimensions of the IsoTrack X-Mat allow for easy containerisation for the global shipping of the mat, whilst the light weight of the mat compared to other alternatives ensures that more square meterage can be carried per lorry.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Ramps available as standard, allowing for ease of access onto the IsoTrack X-Mat
  • Overlap connector – providing a seamless, anti-slip, anti-trip surface
  • Weight load – Highly efficient weight dispersal across a wide range of ground conditions
  • Patented Four3 Connection System, giving a very quick and strong method of connecting the IsoTrack X-Mats
  • Cellular Core provides buoyancy in water logged areas
  • Foam filled core means that ‘if’ the outer core punctures the mat will not fill with debris, thus it won’t greatly increase in weight as per other alternatives
  • Customer logo placement option
  • Chemically inert- avoids leaching of contaminants from the mats
  • Installation tool prevents constant bending over when installing the IsoTrack X-Mat

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Industry Applications

  • Construction
  • Utilities
  • Transmission
  • Mining
  • Utilities
  • Solar Farms
  • Wind Farms
  • Oil and Gas
  • Crane Pads
  • Events

Ideal Applications

  • Site Compound
  • Piling Platform
  • Temporary Helipads
  • Oil and Gas drilling pads
  • Main Access Routes
  • Temporary Roadways
  • Car Parks
  • Embankment Works

IsoTrack X-Mat Specification


Virgin High Density Polyethylene


ISO 9001


4000mm x 2000mm x 102mm

Useable Dimensions

3800mm x 1800mm




Sand as standard other colour options are available


The material is chemically inert as such no water absorption, easy clean and reduced risk of cross contamination of material from site to site.


Material is 100% Recyclable

Compressive Load Capacity

415 tonnes per m2

Load Bearing Capacity

In excess of 200 tonnes*

Fire Rating



Standard EU Truck - 60 IsoTrack X-Mats
Standard 40 foot high cube container - 50 IsoTrack X-Mats

*Load capacity is dependent upon ground conditions


No reproduction of the photographs, drawings or images is permitted without the prior written approval of Access Terrain Services Ltd. The information contained herein is based on current knowledge and does not guarantee properties or performance of the IsoTrack X-Mat under all conditions.

The IsoTrack X-Mat is made from a material with a high compressive strength but the maximum safe vehicle weight will depend on a number of factors including the load bearing capacity of the underlying ground conditions. Advice should be sought from competent geotechnical engineers.

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