Emtek Engineered Wood Mat

"Emtek® Engineered Hardwood Mat Systems"
Access mats for sale

Emtek® engineered hardwood mat sytems provide a unique dimension to temporary access matting. Made from engineered laminated hardwood in Sheridan, Arkansas with natural defects such as knots and wane removed, the manufacturing and quality testing of the Emtek® Mats provide the product with not only superior strength to support huge plant and construction vehicles but also the confidence that they can hold that weight in extreme conditions or environmentally sensitive areas.At ATS, we offer Access mats for sale.

Emtek® (Engineered Mat Technology) takes basic design properties and uses them to build not just 1 but 3 different wood mat systems, that when combined with each other allow you to go where conventional bog mats wouldn’t. Control of the density of raw materials during the manufacturing process ensures that the mats have a hard, impact resistant surface despite being much lighter than traditional hardwoods. The laminating process used during manufacturing creates a composite structure which resists fracture but gives both flexibility and a much longer life cycle.

The Engineering behind the Emtek® drives consistency, reduced weight, and flexibility, meaning overall COST SAVINGS for the customer.

Key Benefits and Features

  • Durable engineered hardwood panels
  • Can be connected if needed
  • Longer lifespan compared to other Bog mats
  • Versatile with some natural flexion
  • Radius mats available to create turns
  • Manufactured using sustainable wood



Emtek wood material comes from woodlands managed under the American Tree Farms System certification program.

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Industry Sector

  • Construction
  • Rail C & M
  • Civil Engineering
  • Transmission C & M
  • Environmental works
  • Oil & Gas
  • Infrastructure
  • Utilities maintenance
  • Military sites
  • Bridge building

Ideal Applications

  • Temporary Roadways
  • Hard pads
  • Wetlands access
  • Pipe crossings
  • Drilling pads
  • HDD pads
  • Engineered crane pads & support
  • Maintenance/emergency works in flooded areas

Technical Specs

The 3 Emtek® Systems

Type 1: This system is most typically found on job sites in which the mats are simply laid directly on the ground perpendicular to traffic. In this case the site conditions are generally uniform and the mat can lay flat on the surface below.

Type 2: This technique is used in areas that have uneven site conditions. This means high and low spots typically one to two feet apart of varying soil strength. This matting “Type” is typically made of two components: Stringers and Decking.The stringers bridge across the terrain variations and the decking provides a solid road surface.

Type 3: This technique is used in areas that have extremely poor soil conditions. Typically this means it is very difficult to walk the access area. Generally foot access requires hip-waders. Construction is made up of two components: bars and runners. The bars run perpendicular to the traffic and cover a large area to develop enough support to distribute equipment loads.

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